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The moment you walk into the offices of ACT Mediation, you feel like you have arrived at home. In making the mediation process as stress free as possible, Nikki Tolt has decorated her offices with warm, inviting and comforting furnishings that beckon the parties to relax and participate in the mediation in a safe environment. Four, well appointed mediation rooms, sound proofed for privacy, are available to accommodate a variety of situations. You will be greeted by one of ACT’s professional staff, who will assist Ms. Tolt in ensuring that the mediation is a positive experience. Refreshments and lunch are served, and when called for, pizza is ordered at midnight! Ms. Tolt is prepared to work through the night if that is what is necessary to facilitate an agreement between the parties. On the rare occasion a matter does not settle at the first session, Ms. Tolt is tenacious in her follow-up, never letting an opportunity for settlement escape the parties. Her file is not closed until your file is closed. She is at the ready to make sure the deal is truly done.


***While we always prefer to conduct mediations with all decision-makers present in person, we understand the uncertainty that currently surrounds the coronavirus and COVID-19. To accommodate our clients, we have added telephonic and videoconferencing capabilities. ***


To schedule a mediation,

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